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One word: growth. And there’s two kinds of it. Business growth—entrepreneurs growing by acquiring and retaining customers,
and personal or professional growth—teachers or corporate trainers helping people with new knowledge and skills.

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No downloading and installation

Launch quizzes and play online with no extra effort required.

Online and offline

Players can take part in your quiz right from the room you host it in, or from any other location

Works on any device

MyDream works on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs — all you need is internet access.

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1How do I create a quiz?

To create a quiz you need to:

  1. 1. Log in to your MyDream account, using this link.
  2. To create MyDream account please click here.

  3. Go to My Quizzes section and click Create a quiz.
  4. Please use our quick guide on how to set up a quiz.

2 What code should I enter to play the quiz?

To join the quiz you need to enter the numerical code provided by your quiz host. Please contact your quiz host to get the code or any other instructions.

3How do you make the players press two answers?

Once you have included at least more than one correct answer in one of your questions, the confirm button for each question will automatically be added for players in this quiz.

4 Can I pause a quiz? Controls during the game.

The quiz can be paused by a host using the pause button in the right upper corner on the play screen.

    The running quiz has the following controls available for a host, located in the right upper corner of the play screen:

  1. - Pause will freeze the game, disabling timer and any players’ activity;
  2. - Stop will cancel the running quiz, as well as waiting for players screen;
  3. - Next, it is a paid feature and will skip the remaining timer for the current question while switching to the next question.
5 Can you create questions with open answers? Types of questions.

Switching between different types of questions is a paid feature in myQuiz. Please visit our Pricing page.

To select the desired type of question, go to the Editor -> Questions section and +Question button.

There are the following types of questions in myQuiz:

  1. - Multiple choice question (included in the Free plan);
  2. - Open-ended question (for text input);
  3. - Polling (to gather players’ opinions);
  4. - Pictures (for images as answers, there’s also text fields that can be utilized if needed).
6 Is there any way to rearrange the order of my questions?

The following are paid features

Show questions in random order will be applied the same for all players. Show answer options in random order will arrange answers for each player individually.

To manually change the order of the questions please do the following:

  1. Go to the Editor -> Questions section;
  2. Hold down the left mouse button on the hand icon in the right corner of the question title which you would like to move;
  3. Without releasing the mouse drag it to the desired position of the list until you will see that the question is in the right position;
  4. Release the left mouse button, this will complete the movement;
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other questions that you’d like to rearrange.
7 When creating a quiz, can I add a link to a YouTube stream?

Enabling Live Streaming for Youtube or Twitch is a paid feature link. Check with the streaming service if embedding is switched on.

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We believe that its very light version & Simple, Creative & Flexible Design.

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We believe that its very light version & Simple, Creative & Flexible Design.